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Channel your inner Santa Claus!

This Christmas season, we all want to touch lives even in the littlest ways. Why not start it by donating the books you don’t use anymore to the kids who need it the most?

Why not put it into good cause and not just let them rot and wait ‘til another Ondoy wipe them out?

Sharpening Minds, Warming Hearts: A Christmas Adopt-a-Library Program

Brought to you by UP Society for Hotel and Restaurant Progress.

If you want to donate anything please feel free to contact me here and I can get it from you personally or just drop them off at Sampaguita Residences, University of the Philippines Diliman . Thank you! :)

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    I have books to donate! I already contacted Sara. :) Kudos UP Sharp.
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    Same goes for me. Message me if interested :)
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